I have struggled since I started taxidermy a few years ago to learn how to “properly” prep a cape, I just wish this online video series was available 5 years ago.  If your like me, the money spent on this will save you time on prepping a cape in the long run and will help you produce a nicer cape as well.  I believe its money well spent, plus its an investment in yourself which is worth even more. 

I also send a majority of my capes off to the tannery.  In the future I will be sending less, thanks to the video series. So for me, the cost of the series will easily pay for itself ten fold. 

Not only will D. go through a very thorough process of it all but the video quality is top notch. 

Here are a few things that helped me;
-I learned the correct way to tune my blade
-How to set the guard
-A new way to prep the skin before fleshing, which greatly improved my time on the machine
-simply the quality of video of the excellent shaved cape D. shows, having a good reference of what your final product should look like is nice
-eye and ear prep

There are many other subtle things in the series as well, some of which may be “eye-openers” for you like the items I listed above.  I personally do not think the video left any relevant material out.

I also have a apple TV that I mirrored the video to.  That was nice and the quality of video did not suffer one bit. 

If there is something better out there I do not know about it. TC