You will learn:

– In depth study on anatomy
– Our tricks to make fleshing easier and more effective
– Making modifications to commercial forms to get the ” look”
– Our fast, easy, and strong leg wiring technique
– Tips for easy drying of feathers
– Our secure wing wiring method
– Freeze dried head prep and paint tricks you won’t learn anywhere else
– Our tricks for injecting caulking
– Introduction to our “flexible” mounting system
– Our system allows for the turkey to be dried completely and customer ready in one week.
Plus more tips and tricks then we can even list–

We cover EVERY step of the process with this course…all professionally filmed and edited.

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~ No shipping costs

~ No Waiting

~ Great Audio

~ Lots of great close up shots of the process from different angles

~ Pro recording equipment -Full HD

~ Over 10 hours of professionally edited video presented in 28 easy to follow lessons

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~ Professional equipment and shop layout

“The Turkey Revolution” Mounting a Turkey the Stehling Way

With Aaron ” King Turkey”  Stehling – Full Time Turkey Taxidermist 

In this course we will teach you how to mount a full strut turkey and finish it on a spring scene base.

 Our goal was to make this the most comprehensive turkey training video course ever created. For the first time , we are releasing our top secret turkey techniques.

Over 10 hours of online video training divided into 28 easy to follow video lessons.

When you buy the online video course, you get forever, unlimited access to the course. Come back and watch it whenever you want. You can watch the course on any device that connects to the internet.

Need help along the way? Aaron is ready to answer any questions you have on our support forum . Prefer to keep your questions private? No Problem! Just use our private support feature !

Sample Lesson 


Lesson # 19 Broken Wing Repair

Full Strut Turkey # 19 Broken Wing Bone Repair from Taxidermy Insider ® on Vimeo.

What our students are saying



“Just wanted to say thanks to Aaron for taking the time to put the video together on mounting a turkey.  I have been watching each of the videos as they are posted and can’t believe how much information is in the video.”  –  Gary Cooper ,WV


“Wish this was around 20 years ago when I mounted my first turkey. I’ve been full time for the past 7 years & do around 50 turkeys a year, what this course is showing is what I’ve learned the hard way.As a NWTF Grand National winner with turkeys this course leaves no stones unturned. Even a ” old dog” like me picked up a few tricks.
Actually my apprentice is mounting her turkey for this years show today & she has watched the course even though she has been under my wing for a year. If you want to improve your work our are just starting in taxidermy this is the courses for you .”  –
Ed Hancock   Full Fan Taxidermy, KY


“This looks to be what we’ve all been waiting for as far as a turkey video goes.

Great videos for the beginner and professional taxidermist looking to pick up some more tricks.” –Joe Kowal , IL


“Your turkey video is excellent. Been doing taxidermy for 30 year full and part time and this is the best video I’ve seen.” – Curt Zaring , PA


” This course goes above and beyond in anything that is out there. Nobody comes close to showing how its done.”- CJ H. NY


“Very impressive. I have several turkey DVD. Your video course ranks in the top 3 of what I  have.” -James C. IN


“I am impressed with what I have seen so far. And have already seen some things I can improve on” –  Kieth Y. , TX


“Thanks for the quick response, and for such a great course. I’m sure it’ll help me with my work” – Brad R. PA


“Very impressed with your videos. Im learning so much already and I’m glad I signed up. Thank you again.”  – Chris S. PA


” Hello Aaron!    I  just wanted to drop a quick message about the recent online turkey mounting video series I purchased.   I really enjoyed them and think they will help tremendously!!   I’ve mounted about 5 birds in the past.  I like the finished product I put out but I didn’t really enjoy doing them.  I love the approach you provided and especially know I know I don’t have to do the whole bird in one day, as I did in the past.  I am currently accumulating some items from the videos and plan on starting by first turkey using your techniques within the next week.   Deer I can mount in my sleep, but the turkeys I hope will be just as easy here in the near future.” David M.


“Honestly I wasn’t going to do turkeys after my first one. Then after watching your videos several times I found out where my problems are and I’m looking forward to my next one.”  Larry S ,OH


“Good Course. I already knew how to mount turkeys but wanted to see how you did it. I picked up some new tricks”
Danny H, IN

“Thanks, just want to say I learned a great deal from the videos. I’ve watched many videos over the 18 years I’ve been doing taxidermy most of which tend to leave out small but significant steps. Yours are thorough with nothing left out. Great job, Thank you. ”

Mike Frame/Laurel Hill Taxidermy



  ” A strutting turkey done the Aaron Stehling way. I just wanted to say thanks to you and your brother. I always want to learn as much as I can and through the taxidermy insider I learned so many tips and tricks. Just a more efficient and smarter way of doing things. I wanted to say thanks Aaron for being there when ever I ran into trouble and becoming such a good friend. I really appreciate everything you two have done for me.”    Chris Skacan  – PA

“I watched the entire course yesterday and I have to say it was excellent!!!  Very impressive, great quality, and in depth detail. Thank you for putting out a quality video. Time to do one for a flyer.”  Steve B. TX


“Thanks for an awesome video course. ”  – Tim Shreve


” Love the turkey mounting video ! – ” Steve Y.

” The course is the best I have ever seen… Kind of like working for a Masters degree in Turkey Taxidermy!” – James Slomski

” Really like the turkey course Aaron. Everything is outlined in an easy to follow format” – Steve Dehamer

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