I ordered this. I’ll say it was well worth the money. Lots of information and the good part is you can watch it over and over. I highly recommend it. Larry Saccareccia

Larry Saccareccia

I purchased this video series for a training tool for new hires in our tannery.  I am a very firm believer in continuing education! So many times we all get in a rut and it is always refreshing to get a birds eye view from another set of shoes!
We have found these videos very informative and even my veteran shavers got some tips to make there life easier.  Thanks much for sharing your craft with us  I would recommend these  to any Artist  regardless of were you are at in your skill set.  For the new Taxidermist you can not afford not to see these as they will get you ahead of your learning curve.  Thanks Much and God Bless! ~  Old Barn Taxidermy and Tannery

Old Barn Taxidermy and Tannery

I have struggled since I started taxidermy a few years ago to learn how to “properly” prep a cape, I just wish this online video series was available 5 years ago.  If your like me, the money spent on this will save you time on prepping a cape in the long run and will help you produce a nicer cape as well.  I believe its money well spent, plus its an investment in yourself which is worth even more. 

I also send a majority of my capes off to the tannery.  In the future I will be sending less, thanks to the video series. So for me, the cost of the series will easily pay for itself ten fold. 

Not only will D. go through a very thorough process of it all but the video quality is top notch. 

Here are a few things that helped me;
-I learned the correct way to tune my blade
-How to set the guard
-A new way to prep the skin before fleshing, which greatly improved my time on the machine
-simply the quality of video of the excellent shaved cape D. shows, having a good reference of what your final product should look like is nice
-eye and ear prep

There are many other subtle things in the series as well, some of which may be “eye-openers” for you like the items I listed above.  I personally do not think the video left any relevant material out.

I also have a apple TV that I mirrored the video to.  That was nice and the quality of video did not suffer one bit. 

If there is something better out there I do not know about it. TC

“This is a great site!  Awesome videos for a great price.  I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn taxidermy or even experienced taxidermist looking to pick up  some new methods.”
Joe Kowal, IL

 “I have enjoyed being a member of the taxidermy insider.  The pheasant video is great.  I just need a couple pheasants now.     Even though I am not into doing fish I found the various fish video’s very informative”

Gary Cooper, WV

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