10 Gauge Annealed Wire


This wire is excellent for turkey wings. This is the only wire we will use on our birds. Also works great for setting the head and  wings supports for drying . Excellent for geese wings as well. Bends in any direction easily and will hold it’s shape.  Comes in a 25 ft roll and can easily be bent straight . If you have ever struggled setting turkey wings, this is the wire you need to be using !

— As seen on the Taxidermy Insider Turkey Video —

Bird / Mammal Duster


We use this barber brush for dusting the feathers on birds for finishing. Great for long term dusting of display mounts. Also works well on mammals. Every taxidermist needs one of these .

Masking Tape


We use this masking tape for holding wing feathers in place during the drying process. Not all masking tapes are created equally –this tape will not leave a sticky residue on the feathers . As seen in the Taxidermy Insider® online videos .

Professional Dawn Soap


Proffesional Dawn dish soap is a concentrated formula of the popular household dish washing soap. We use it in the shop for washing turkeys, waterfowl, upland, and mammals before mounting. Also works great as a degreaser for fish. Is gentle on feathers . Much more powerful than the household Dawn and goes further. 38 fl oz .

Taxidermy Scissors


This stainless steel scissors is perfect for a wide range of taxidermy work. We have one in each of our tool boxes at the shop. 5 1/2 ” long. Keeps a very sharp cutting edge .

Turkey Tool Kit


This tool kit has the ” Big Three” tools used by Aaron Stehling in the online turkey course, including the spoon tool for wing cleaning and sculpting, the curved tucking tool for tucking the skin under head, and the flat tucking tool for manipulating skin and shingling work . Endless uses in the shop for a variety of applications. These are on the ” must have” list of every turkey taxidermist .