Whether you want to do Taxidermy as a hobby, part time or full time we offer the course that will show you how to produce high quality mounts and succeed in business.

  • Hobbyist : If you are interested in doing taxidermy as a rewarding hobby for your own personal mounts or a few friends , our courses take you from beginner to advanced in an easy to work at your own pace format.
  • Part-Time If you are interested in doing taxidermy on a part-time basis around your other career we can help. We offer the training and tools to help you succeed. 

  • Full Time We can help you succeed in taxidermy. Learn from one of the largest shops in the industry. We teach you how to produce high quality mounts on a consistent basis . Over 40 years of full time taxidermy experience proves it .

Thanks, just want to say I learned a great deal from the videos. I’ve watched many videos over the 18 years I’ve been doing taxidermy most of which tend to leave out small but significant steps. Yours are thorough with nothing left out. Great job, Thank you. 

Mike Frame/Laurel Hill Taxidermy

I purchased this video series for a training tool for new hires in our tannery.  I am a very firm believer in continuing education! So many times we all get in a rut and it is always refreshing to get a birds eye view from another set of shoes!
We have found these videos very informative and even my veteran shavers got some tips to make there life easier.  Thanks much for sharing your craft with us  I would recommend these  to any Artist  regardless of were you are at in your skill set.  For the new Taxidermist you can not afford not to see these as they will get you ahead of your learning curve.  Thanks Much and God Bless! ~  Old Barn Taxidermy and Tannery

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